Discover Victorian Charm: Your Historic Scottish Retreat

Unwind in Our Scottish Haven for a Serene Holiday Experience.

Charming Victorian Cottage in Scotland

At Rowan Tree House Holiday Cottage, we provide a unique experience blending historic charm with modern comfort. From arrival to departure, our dedicated team ensures your stay is memorable.

Historic Victorian Holiday Cottage

Escape to historic Scotland. Cozy cottages and luxurious amenities. Unforgettable stays.

Victorian Holiday Cottage Rentals

Rowan Tree House: Elegant accommodations for a memorable stay.

Unforgettable Scottish Hospitality

Discover the perfect holiday cottage in the heart of Scotland with Rowan Tree House.

Unforgettable Scottish Escapes Await

Welcome to Rowan Tree House Holiday Cottage, a stunning Victorian retreat nestled in the heart of Scotland. Immerse yourself in history and charm with our exquisite period features and prime location.


Years of History

We offer a unique holiday experience, ensuring memorable stays in our historic Grade C listed property.


Victorian Holiday Cottage

Escape to our historic cottage for a truly immersive Scottish experience.


Exceptional Guest Care and Support

Experience worry-free holidays with our year-round support, ensuring a seamless stay from start to finish.

A charming Victorian escape! Rowan Tree House Holiday Cottage surpassed our dreams.

Glen MacAdam

Local Historian

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